Keto Lettuce Wrap Hack

Keto Lettuce Wrap Hack

Did you know you can lettuce wrap almost anything and make it a keto approved meal? Check out these keto hacks for summer fun!

There are so many ideas for your main course meal using lettuce wraps! You don’t need a high carb bun to full you up. Add lots of veggies, a protein and a healthy fat to satisfy your appetite!

Better yet, make sure to drink your KETO OS before your meal to reduce cravings for carbs and feel full faster!

Here are a few idea for lettuce wraps, feel free to add your favorite ingredients to yours!

  • Burgers, add bacon, veggies, mustard, mayo, pickles
  • Egg Salad, an all time favorite
  • Tacos, add ground beef or chicken, taco seasoning, cheese and veggies!
  • Salmon, grill salmon is delicious in a wrap
  • Tuna Salad, so easy yet delicious
  • BBQ Chicken, barbecued chicken is perfect for summer
  • Steak Strips, these are super yummy!

Add this secret sauce to any wrap to make it extra-ordinarily delicious! Check out – Comeback Sauce

Need a side for your keto wrap? check out Cauliflower Potato Salad!

More info -> Ketogenic Diet

Click here for more –> RECIPES!


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