Keto Grilled Cheese Made With 90 Second Bread

Keto Grilled Cheese Made With 90 Second Bread

This is what was for lunch today! A delicious grilled cheese with the easiest keto bread ever! So simple and quick to make!

Best keto approved bread!

I decided to make some 90 second bread today because it’s super simple to make and tastes amazing! I wanted to make a yummy grilled cheese and I knew this keto approved bread would be perfect!

For the grilled cheese, I made my 90 second bread first and then cut it in half. I usually make it in a round dish, but today I make it in a sandwich shaped container so that it actually had the same shape as a regular piece of bread. If you are using a small container when you microwave your keto bread it turns out thick enough to cut in half with a bread knife to easily make two pieces.

I then spread some butter on each piece. I placed the first slice in the frying pan, butter side down. I placed some cheddar cheese on it and put the second piece on top, butter side up, for when I flip it. Cooked a couple of minutes on each side and done! Overall this made a nice quick lunch that was amazing and delicious!

Yesterday I made my 90 second bread into a sandwich. I toasted it as well, before making my sandwich. It turned out perfect!

You don’t have to toast your 90 second bread, you can eat it as is, out of the microwave. It’s all about personal preference. You can top it with anything you like that is keto approved. Makes great egg, bacon and cheese breakfast sandwiches as well! Use your imagination, there are so many options!

This bread is keto approved, low carb and diabetic friendly as well!

Macros for 90 Second Bread

Calories: 343

Carbs: 2g

Fat: 33g

Protein: 11g

Sugar: 1g

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