Low Carb Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes

Low Carb Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes

An easy to make low carb chocolate cupcake recipe that you are sure to love! The perfect cure for that chocolate craving!

I love making yummy chocolate chip cupcakes and this low carb recipes is fantastic if you are following a low carb or keto lifestyle. These cupcakes will satisfy any chocolate craving you have and keep your diet on track. They are made with almond and coconut flours which are low in carbs and great for baking while on a ketogenic diet. Each cupcake only has 5 net carbs per servings.

This dessert is diabetic friendly and great for kids if you are trying to reduce the amount of sugar in their diet. It is so much healthier to make your own treats for your kids because that way you know exactly what goes in your baked good when they are being made. There are so many processed foods these days that are really unhealthy for kids and adults.  Home made is always best and recipes like this one are quick to make which makes it easier. It’s easier to follow a healthy lifestyle when you make things as simple as possible.

I find it so easy to follow a ketogenic diet, especially since I drink Keto OS from Pruvit. This amazing drink has cut all my cravings and helps me eat less because I’m never hungry any more. This makes it much easier to manage what I eat day to day. Food doesn’t control me anymore. I control the food and this has led to many health benefits and fat loss in my life. I have seen so many people have great success on this plan and the results are amazing! I have one friend that has lost over 90 pounds thanks to Keto OS and this has really been life changing for her!

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