Keto Avocado Eggs

Keto Avocado Eggs

Getting you ready for a KETO filled Easter, try out this Keto approved, Avocado Deviled Egg recipe this weekend. After you dye your eggs of course!

Easter is the perfect time to enjoy Deviled eggs. They are the perfect appetizer or snack for your ketogenic diet. They are also amazingly delicious!

These are perfect to take to a party or if you have guests over. I love making them for the family as well. My kids love Deviled eggs and they disappear quickly every time!

I love the ketogenic diet, there are so many yummy options! I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge because they are great for snacks, lettuce wraps, perfect on salads and more! Very versatile and a great source of protein and healthy fats. Eggs are no just for breakfast, they are great any time of the day! One of my favorite foods and so healthy! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did!

How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

Have you wondered how to make perfect boiled eggs where the shells come right off?

Everyone wants to know the secret to boiling eggs so that the shells come right off. This really works every time, I have so many people that use this method and swear by it! Try it out, it is a real time saver when you are making hard boiled eggs, egg salad sandwiches, salads and more! You can peel eggs so fast now because the shell comes right off. Think of how much time this will save when you are making salads or sandwiches and need to peel a lot of eggs.

Read the directions here, for Perfect Boiled Eggs! 

Fun Easter Egg Recipe

If you are looking for a fun Easter recipe, check out Easter Chick Deviled Eggs 

More Keto approved –> RECIPES


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