Keto OS Orange Dream Berry Punch Drink Recipe

Keto OS Orange Dream Berry Punch Drink Recipe

A delicious recipe made with Keto OS Orange Dream and Max Fruit Punch! A yummy berry smoothie that will put you into ketosis within 30 minutes!

Keto OS Orange Dream Recipe

A delicious Keto OS drink recipe sure to please your taste buds! This tastes amazing and is the perfect ketogenic breakfast shake! Can be made with any kind of berries you have on hand and feel free to use either coconut or almond milk. Both work great for this recipe as long as they are unsweetened.

If you deicide to use fresh fruit instead of frozen you can throw in some ice to give it a better texture.

You can add more almond milk to make this into 2 servings or use only a half a serving of each Pruvit product. Or you can make as directed for a supercharged energy drink that will give you lots of energy to get through your day! I love the amazing energy I get from drinking Pruvit products! Energy is just one of the benefits you can feel from drinking this. I also experience mental clarity, better focus and memory, fat loss and so much more!

If you are looking for more drink recipes for Keto OS products you can find a variety of yummy recipes HERE  

There are so many possibilities for ways you can mix up and drink Keto OS. I actually drink mine, most of the time, with just water and ice. But it’s nice to be able to change it up if you want to. My favorite is the Chocolate Swirl flavor.  It is a very mild Chocolate taste which is how I like it. Sometimes I mix it with unsweetened chocolate almond milk, which is delicious! That’s how my daughter likes to drink it as well.

I find the most popular flavor is Orange Dream. Most of my customers prefer this one and I find it is the best one if you are looking for fat loss.

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