Bacon Egg and Kale Cups

Bacon Egg and Kale Cups

These bacon and egg cups are so easy to prepare. Only 3 ingredients and you have a healthy breakfast that’s keto approved and low carb!

Bacon Egg and Kale Cups

I love making eggs in muffin tins because it’s so simple. All you have to do is throw in your ingredients and bake. They come out perfect every time and they’re delicious! You can use any ingredients you like for these. Don’t limit yourself to just what I have listed. You can use ham or any other sliced meat as well. If you want to use cut up chicken you can scramble your egg first and mix the meat in. Add some cheese on top if you like, peppers, onions, the possibilities are endless.

I even make these ahead of time some days, so I have breakfast ready on a busy morning. Simply warm up and serve for a quick meal. How easy is that? The key to being successful on a healthy eating plan is preparation. So if you know you don’t have time to cook breakfast make something that night before. That will save you from rolling into McDonald’s on your way to work for a high carb egg McMuffin or bagel.

Healthy eating can be really simple once you find some ideas that help to make it easier. My lifesaver is Keto OS from Pruvit.  Keto keeps me feeling full, takes away cravings and gives me amazing energy and mental clarity! I am so thankful I found this amazing product, it has really made everything so much easier for me. I couldn’t imagine waking up and not being able to drink my Keto OS. My whole family now drinks Keto, including my kids. They find it helps them with concentration and attention in school. They are loving how it makes them feel and school is easier now.

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