Keto OS Berry Smoothie Recipe

Keto OS Berry Smoothie Recipe

A yummy Keto OS drink recipe, perfect for kids drinking Pruvit supplements or anyone that wants a delicious keto approved smoothie. Great for a summertime snack to increase your energy!

Keto OS Drink Recipe Berry Smootie

The best Keto OS Smoothie recipe!

I have had so many people ask me for a smoothie recipe that they can mix their Keto OS or Keto Max with. This one is super yummy and BERRY-delicious! It’s the perfect summer treat for a hot day. This drink recipe uses low carb ice cream, which you should be able to find at your local store. It makes a tasty, cool treat, without those carbs that will sabotage your keto diet.

This smoothie is great for kids if they are drinking Keto OS or Keto Max. My kids love their Keto every morning and find it really helps them concentrate in school. They love how they can pay attention so much easier after drinking their morning keto! I recommend the non caffeinated version of your choice Pruvit product, if you are serving this to kids.

This smoothie is much better then just a regular smoothie because it includes a serving of Keto OS which will increase your energy, give you mental clarity and reduce brain fog! There are so many benefits to drinking Pruvit products everyday!

Here are some of the amazing benefits!

Keto Max Benefits

I love drinking Keto OS everyday! It has really changed my life in so many ways! My whole family enjoys it every single day!

More ideas for mixing Orange Keto OS to make delicious drinks:

  • LaCroix all natural sparkling water. They have various flavors to choose from
  • unsweetened almond milk
  • unsweetened coconut milk
  • all natural flavor drops
  • mix 1/2 serving of Orange Dream with 1/2 serving Keto Max Punch 

More recipes -> Keto OS drinks  

Keto OS Frequently Asked Questions:

What is KETO OS? How does it work?

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