Keto KREME Fat Bombs

Keto KREME Fat Bombs

Keto Fat bombs made out of delicious, healthy Keto Kreme are a must try!  A delicious keto approved snack that will help you stay in ketosis and curb those cravings!

Keto KREME Fat Bombs

Keto Kreme Recipe: Fat Bombs

I love fat bombs and eat them all the time because they are fast keto approved snacks! They will fill you up and take away cravings! They are also very convenient. I keep my fat bombs in the freezer and take them out as needed. They literally melt in your mouth! They’re so delicious and simple to make! You can double the recipe and prepare a bunch to have them ready for the week. Preparation is key in weight loss. Having these made and ready to go is a great plan. They can be taken on the go, either in a plastic baggie or container. Just make sure to take a small ice pack too as they will melt lol. If you have a fridge at work they are easily kept refrigerated as well. The best part about these is they taste so good and when you have a yummy snack that is a great way to be successful in getting healthy.

These fat bombs are made with Keto Kreme, one of Pruvit’s amazing products!

Are Healthy Fats Good for You??

Yes! The secret is out!

Healthy fats are an essential part of any healthy lifestyle.

With a few of the right ingredients, you can switch your body from being a slow, inefficient sugar burner to a lean, mean, fat burning machine!

  1. Fast and sustained energy
  2. Better focus
  3. Minimized food cravings
  4. Increased ketone production
  5. Lowered Triglyceride levels
  6. Healthy blood sugar levels

Benefits of Keto Kreme

Keto Kreme

1) Fast Energy

Keto kreme uses the shortest MCT’s, easily converting into ketone energy which can be used by the brain, faster than other fats or oils.

2) Assists With Blood Glucose

After food consumption, Keto Kreme helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and minimizes blood glucose surges while optimizing blood sugar metabolism.

3) Balance Yeast In The Gut

Studies show that there are gut biome balancing effects of caprylic fatty acids.

4) Limit conversion of sugar to fat
5)Rapidly Metabolizes Into Ketones

Our formula provides instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from dietary sugars or carbohydrates. Keto kreme also has potent anti-microbial effects on the gut that help to support healthy digestion and immune function.

6) Quickly and Easily Absorbed

Keto kreme is absorbed by the body, and not stored as fat.

7) Does Not Increase Cholesterol

Keto Kreme does Not increase cholesterol.

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