KETO OS Creamy Chocolate Swirl Ice Coffee

KETO OS Creamy Chocolate Swirl Ice Coffee

A Keto OS Chocolate Swirl recipe that will knock your socks off! Flavor is amazing, this will give you an energy boost needed for your day!

This makes an amazing, creamy ice coffee with added ketones! Perfect for a busy day when you need lots of energy, reduced brain fog and better focus! This awesome drink is keto approved, low carb and just plain delicious!

I get so many requests for recipes to make Keto OS drinks because it’s so much fun to experiment with different ways to enjoy exogenous ketones. This is one of many ways you can mix up this supplement and enjoy it! Much healthier then any coffee drink you’d buy at Starbucks or anywhere else. Drinking ketones has so many healthy benefits! So many people begin drinking ketones for the amazing side effect of fat loss, but once they start consuming it they discover all the other amazing side effects as well!

Some benefits of ketone supplement include:

  • fat loss
  • reduced brain fog
  • fat loss
  • better sleep
  • better mood
  • better skin
  • reduced inflammation
  • better workouts and recovery
  • better memory

Keto Max Benefits

Remember, not all ketones supplements are created equal. We have many doctors, professional athletes and specials that endorse KETO OS because it is the ONLY Ketone supplement on the market that can do all the things mentioned above.  Our products are patent pending, lab tested, researched and really work!

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