Keto Max Hawaiian Lime

Keto Max Hawaiian Lime

The perfect mix for your Keto Max Maui Punch that give you a refreshing drink that boosts your energy and mental clarity levels!

Keto Max Hawaiian Lime

I get so many requests for keto drink recipes, mainly because it’s so much fun to mix this white powder up in so many different ways. This is one of my favorite ways to mix Keto because I love the Keto Max Hawaiian Punch. It tastes amazing and it’s our strongest, most powerful Pruvit formula!

What Makes it Different from the other Keto OS formulas?

  • Keto Max is formulated so that your body can absorb roughly 40% more of the beta hydroxybutyrate ketone.
  •  gluten-free, dairy free and vegan.
  • Keto Max gives you a faster spike in Ketosis and a longer experience in ketosis. You will definitely feel the difference when you drink Keto Max!

I have been following a ketogenic lifestyle for about 3 years now and I love it! With the help of exogenous ketones I never have to worry about being perfect with my diet. I eat low carb mostly all the time but if I choose to go off it for a meal or even a day that’s ok. Keto Max puts me back into ketosis in 30 minutes! It’s pretty incredible! There are so many benefits to taking this supplement; fat loss, better moods, better skin, mental clarity, and memory, and more! Since  I started this product I have had no more brain fog! I feel fantastic every single day! There are no more ‘blah’ days for me.

I have seen this product change so many lives. I think the number one reason people start taking or become interested in Keto is because of the fat loss benefit. Until they actually take the product, they don’t understand all the other amazing benefits that really help in their daily activities. I am so thankful every single day that I found this product because of what it has done for my family. Even my kids take it because of all the awesome ways it helps them. They find it helps them concentrate really well in school and everything is so much easier for them now!

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