Keto Approved Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

Keto Approved Peanut Butter Fat Bombs

These fat bombs are to die for and yes they are KETO APPROVED!! Great for snacks, especially when you’re on the go! Delicious and convenient!

peanut butter fat bombs

Have you tried fat bombs yet? If you haven’t you need to make these like NOW! They are so delicious, just like candy!! Hard to believe it but yes these are healthy and keto approved! There’s no sugar in these.  They are made with Swerve. I use it all the time now when I bake ketogenic goodies. These are also low carb and diabetic friendly.

They are perfect for snacks and you can take them on the go in a baggie or container, but they will melt fairly quickly so you’ll need a small ice pack if you aren’t near a fridge. I actually keep these in the freezer and grab one when I am hungry. They literally melt in your mouth! So good!
Fell free to adjust the Swerve based on how sweet you like these. I use an all natural peanut butter for these that has no sugar in it.  You have to read your labels when purchasing peanut butter, some are very high in sugar. If you don’t have candy molds like in the picture, you can use ice cube trays or mini muffin tins.

These are my to go snack with my ketogenic lifestyle. When I drink Keto OS I don’t need to eat a lot and these are really satisfying. They help me get my fat intake for the day which really fills me up. Keto OS suppresses my appetite which is great. When your body is running on ketones it is so much more efficient. I have lots of energy and I am no longer a slave to food. No more carbohydrate cravings.

chocolate fat bomb

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