Philly Cheese Steak Melt – Low Carb – Keto Approved

Philly Cheese Steak Melt – Low Carb – Keto Approved

Best low carb, keto approved Philly Cheese Steak Melt. Amazingly delicious and so easy to make for a quick, healthy ketogenic meal.
Philly Cheese Steak Melt

Yes this tastes even better then it looks!

I love beef and when I decided to follow a ketogenic lifestyle I was so happy that there were so many options and recipes I could make. This is one of my favorites because I love peppers and cheese and this really tasted amazing!

My daughter really liked this recipe too. I knew she would because she loves steak and peppers. It’s an easy recipe to make when you are in a hurry or need a quick weekday meal. The peppers and steak only take a few minutes to fry up. You can actually buy everything you need to make this pre cut to save time. I usually cut up my own vegetables because I have the time, but I love how many food stores now offer pre cut veggies for when you are in a hurry. They are a little more expensive, but sometimes that option is worth it.

This recipe can be made with any meat you have on hand, even ground beef would work. I omitted the mushrooms on mine, they are optional. Like I always say, take a recipe and make it your own. You can use some steak spice when cooking the beef strips to give it some more flavor and you could even add some broccoli. Put your own twist on it!

Leftovers do store well in the fridge and can be heated the next day for a quick tasty lunch.

This recipe is low carb for anyone watching their carbs and it’s also diabetic friendly. Low sugar and low carb recipes are a great addition to any lifestyle. Its about the healthiest plan you can find.

I hope you enjoy this!

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