Cool Cucumbers With Chili Powder

Cool Cucumbers With Chili Powder

These are spicy and cool at the same time! The chili powder gives these a nice kick, these are the perfect low carb snack for your ketogenic lifestyle!

cucumber chilli powder

Who doesn’t love cucumbers? They’re a great low carb snack, but they get boring after a while. So kick them up a notch with a few ingredients that you’ll find in your pantry.
Trust me, you’ll love these! They’re so good, super addictive and guilt free- isn’t that the best kind of snack? I could eat these every day because they are so good! Who would have thought chili powder would taste so great on cucumbers?

What a great idea to use up all those cucumbers from your garden in the summer. There are always so many and this is the perfect way to enjoy them!

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