Pruvit Keto OS Chocolate Swirl

Pruvit Keto OS Chocolate Swirl

KETO OS Chocolate Swirl tastes like a tootsie roll and offers so many amazing health benefits! Promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.

KETO//OS® (Ketone Operating System) is a revolutionary drink mix based on a proprietary ketone energy technology. It delivers advanced macro nutritionals and promotes optimized cellular regeneration, energy and longevity.

Keto OS version 3.0 Chocolate Swirl
(tastes like a Tootsie Roll! )

I drink this with ice and it tastes like a chocolate milkshake- DELICIOUS! Chocolate Swirl has a mild chocolate taste. It is not super sweet.

What Makes it Different:

  • gluten-free, dairy free and vegan.
  • Added probiotic which is a food source for the good bacteria in the gut making them stronger and also helps with gastro intestinal upset.
  • Great for after workout recovery.
  • Added Ketogenic Amino Acids and Short Chain Fatty Acids which use the same transporters as ketones so you’re getting that same direct quick uptake into your syste
  • Ratio of BHB salts for faster peak into the system which creates sustained ketone levels throughout the day

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Order KETO by phone – 1-855-KETONES  (toll free)

Orange Dream is available in the US, Canada and Australia

Instructions: Dissolve 1 heaping scoop or OTG pack in 12-16oz. of cold water and shake/stir vigorously.

Can be taken with or without food.

Novel use = 1 daily serving
Optimal performance = 2 servings AM/PM

Orange Dream Keto os

Chocolate Swirl Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts Chocolate Swirl Keto

Chocolate Swirl Ingredients

Beta Hydroxybutyrate, Amino Acid Blend (L-taurine, L-tyrosine, L-arginine, L-leucine),

Natural Flavors, Inulin (Chicory Root), Potassium Citrate, Stevia, Caffeine, Ascorbic Acid, Butyrate.

Dairy Free; Gluten Free.

Keto OS Frequently Asked Questions:

What is KETO/OS? How does it work?

Which KETO formula is the best one to purchase?

  • If you are having trouble deciding which version of Keto/os is right for you, please see my article here where I compare the different formulas – Comparing Keto/os Products

What kind of diet should I follow when I’m taking keto/os?

  • The wonderful thing about taking exogenous ketones via keto/os is that you can experience the benefits of ketones without diet modification. Even those who don’t change a thing, will still experience the benefits. However, it is encouraged that you slowly begin to follow a lower carbohydrate diet, and enhance your body’s ability to utilize.

Is keto/os Gluten Free?

  • Yes.

Is keto/os Dairy Free?

  • No we have a small amount of dairy around 3grams that we use to plate the MCT powder in our 2.1 Orange Dream version of keto/os.
  • However, our 3.0 Chocolate Swirl and Max Maui Punch are both dairy free!

Is keto/os Vegan?

  • Although our keto/os 2.1 Orange Dream version is not vegan, our 3.0 Chocolate Swirl and Max Maui Punch are vegan!

What is the Source of Caffein?

  • Caffeine Hydrous.
  • All formulas of keto/os and KETO MAX also have a caffein free version.

What is a Kan? What are OTG Packs?

  • A Kan is a 30 serving tub with a scoop
  • OTG packets are On The Go Packets, which are individual serving packets of KETO OS. They are prepackaged for convenience.

What is Smart ship?

  • Smart ship option ships you product every 30 days and gives you a 10% discount when you order it this way.
  • Choose ‘today and smartship’ to save 10% on your order and future smartship orders.
  • Choose ‘today only’ to pay regular price and receive a ONE time order.
  • Smart ship can be cancelled at any time.

How Do I change or cancel my smart ship order?

  • Login to your Prüvit DashboardFrom here you will see on the left side of the page a box with your Smart Ship information displayed. You will see: “My Smart Ship.” If you don’t have an active Smart Ship, you will be able to set one up from here.If you have an active Smart Ship, you will have three options:1. Cancel Smart Ship
    2. Edit Payment or Shipping
    3. Change Products
  • To change the products, you will be taken to the cloud office store where you will be able to select the products you would like receive monthly. You will need to check out completely to make sure the change is effective for your next Smart Ship shipment. Confirm that the changes have taken place by refreshing your home page and confirming your Smart Ship changes on left hand side of your screen.

I just ordered. How do I track my shipment of KETO OS and print a receipt?

  • Login to your Prüvit Dashboard
  • Click ‘Manage’ then select ‘Order History’ from the dropdown menu. If you click on the print icon on the left side of the page next to the invoice number, you will be able to view your receipt with a detailed breakdown of charges and print them if you wish. Once your order ships, your tracking number will be listed in this section as well and can be tracked by clicking the little truck icon.

How Do I upgrade to become a Pruvit Promoter?

What are BHB Salts and where do they come from?

  • BHB is found in nature in many foods including eggs and milk. Salts are acids and bases bound by ionic bonds. Salt is a chemistry term used to describe a specific type of chemical compound. Technically, they are defined as ionic compounds formed by the neutralization of an acid and a base. They consist of positively charged and negatively charged components, which typically dissociate in water or water-based solutions (such as blood). In lay terminology, we call table salt, which is actually sodium chloride (NaCl) “salt,” but it is just one of many chemical compounds which are defined as salts.
  • The “BHB salt” is simply a compound that consists of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), and the ketone body β-hydroxybutyrate. In the Keto OS product package, these individual components are being held together by ionic bonds; however, when you eat the product, it is absorbed into the blood where it dissociates into free Na+, K+, and BHB since it is a water-based solution. Thus, consuming the product directly and immediately puts ketones into your blood.
  • Ketones are naturally slightly acidic, so the combination of BHB with sodium acts as a bit of a buffer to this acidity. Ketones will also naturally act as a diuretic, so you lose salt, potassium calcium and magnesium, and it is generally encouraged to increase sodium intake with ketones. The addition of sodium to the product will replenish this salt loss.

What’s the difference between taking  keto/os and taking raspberry ketones?

  • There is a significant difference between  keto/os and raspberry ketones. The name for Raspberry ketones is quite misleading, as this is not a ketone supplement and is not related in any way to ketones, the ketogenic diet or nutritional ketosis. Raspberry ketones are natural substances that give raspberries their sweet scent and flavor, and to a lesser degree blackberries, cranberries and kiwis. The current raspberry ketone supplements on the market are generally synthetically made, as natural raspberry ketones are extremely expensive. They have been promoted as the next best thing on the weight loss market, however research does not support it for this use.

How can I order  keto/os samples or 5 day experience packs?

Find out more about –> Pruvit Keto/os Products

Read more reviews  –> Keto/os Stories


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